Bitcoin Analysis: 20x Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin Analysis 20x Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin'S value prop Bitcoin is available to purchase in like cash, app Robinhood, Sofi, PayPal, Venmo alongside Kraken, Coinbase, etc. There are so many places to buy it and there's so much good knowledge and educational content.

20x Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin could go from 100 million users to a billion users potentially or something really big like that, so the supercycles it basically dictates this time is different, could see It be more bullish than usual, and what that would look like would be kind of like 2013, where we have a mini bull run and then another bull run later in the year, or we would see that kind of like a longer more extended, bull run Or maybe there's a muted bear market right, as the bear market, isn't as intense now with this dip in the middle.

I don't know if that part of my thesis or that interpretation of my thesis holds true anymore. You know, in terms of there being a more mild bear market. It seems like this market is still very intense and we saw a pretty big dip here on the way up. Overall, it's basically a more bullish interpretation of this current cycle that, you know. This is the moment that mainstream wakes up and institutions wake up and believe that Bitcoin is valuable and if that happens then Bitcoin's not going to have a normal bull run.

I think it's all also a matter of time frame and interpretation because you look at, Bitcoin march of 2020 at 3, 800 or even call it 6 000 since it was very temporarily under 4 000 and you look at a price of 29 000, which was Basically, the lows of this quote-unquote bear market. You would have killed for that price when Bitcoin was 6 000 

Totally it's so funny how bearish people get when they see Bitcoin at 30, 000 they're, like oh man, that I mean that was capitulation right like right right under 30.. It'S so funny to think about that. Bitcoin exposes so much of the raw human nature of fear and greed, where Bitcoin's price, nothing changed about Bitcoin the price just changed, but because of that people have these mental models of what's expensive or cheap, and so it totally you know, flips the idea of like What is value and how do people value things on top of its head?

It'S really interesting to see. I've made that argument countless times that price and value are not the same things. I think new traders and investors don't understand that and obviously, they're drawn to whatever the price is at that moment and they determine it as such. But when you look at on-chain metrics the central banks, I mean all of the reasons that we buy Bitcoin. I think it's a very clear argument that the price has not caught up to the value.

Totally, I mean look Bitcoin. If the world realized Bitcoin's value, Bitcoin should be a 10 to 100 trillion dollar market cap, I mean that's, that's what Bitcoin's true net worth is in terms of like. If we look at gold or other store value assets, I mean there are 18 trillion dollars of bonds. In the world that is negatively yielding I mean that doesn't even make sense. It'S like take the credit card company, paying you to take out a loan and then they pay you every single month because you borrowed from them.

I mean it's, it's absurd, so you know Bitcoin. I think, especially in this environment. Bitcoin should be worth at least tens of trillions, so we're very far away from that sure. So you mentioned earlier, you know we could see a billion users on Bitcoin, which I agree with. Actually, I spoke with Anthony scaramucci had the same sort of target.

What does the world look like with a billion users of Bitcoin? Even at a billion users? That'S only! Let'S see, there are like seven or eight billion people in the world, it's only one out of eight people using Bitcoin at a billion users. I think there's a lot of different things that occur.

One we start to see on the base layer. You know layer, one transaction becoming more expensive, which pushes innovation and transactions to layer two. This is a good thing. The long-term security model for Bitcoin relies on transaction fees occurring on the layer, one and those growing. So this is a good thing for Bitcoin's, long-term security, which also means, I think, we'll see, the development of more layers, two techs, and a more robust ecosystem of like layer, two usabilities. You know doing certain things on layer.

Two can be somewhat technical and harder to use, and so I think that'll be the impetus to go, build products and services to solve that problem. That would be one big thing: you know we're gonna see, Bitcoin finally be mainstream, and what I mean by the mainstream is we'll start to see. Fud fudd will never die, fud will fudd will always exist, but it might start to taper or those there'll be different. Flavors of fud old fud will kind of die out and new fud will come up. You know, I think the proof of work fudd will be a virtual piece of fun.

So I think you know Bitcoin would become more of this geopolitical conversation and we saw a little bit of this. You know the u.s infrastructure bill, where Bitcoin as a cause was finally recognized where people went oh wow. This is a big community, these senators and congressmen. You know all these congressmen were like.

Oh wow. This is a big community. We should start to pay attention. So I think, like having a voice in the room is good. Bitcoin survives just despite that it doesn't.

You know it doesn't need validation by the existing incumbents or powers that be, but it makes Bitcoin's transition a little bit easier if they understand it, they respect it and they respect the people behind it. So I think Bitcoin as a voter base becomes really large in that regard, especially in western developed countries like the? US and Europe. That means that you know if 20 or 30 percent of the population is 40. If they own Bitcoin, then banning Bitcoin becomes highly unlikely.

I think the whole banning of Bitcoin funds will be a big one as Bitcoin rises in popularity because people will go. Oh well, if this is a threat to governments, won't they shut it down. Well, 40. 50. 30 of your population owns it!

Well, good! Luck! If you shut it down, then you're gonna get voted out of the office or you're gonna have people mobbing in the streets. So I think Bitcoin's. Adoption like hitting a billion users, is critical for its survivability as Bitcoin grows in adoption-based layer, security fees, grow up, go up and there are more products and services, and then we become a bigger voter block so, I think overall, it's like Bitcoin.

Finally, entering the mainstream, where Bitcoin isn't regarded and we're starting to see flavors of this right, as big investment banks are like Bitcoin's, normal we're starting a Bitcoin desk or we're allowing our customers to buy Bitcoin. I mean someone for someone like me nine years ago. This is incredible: as we've already won to some extent, you know the battle still. I think we still have a long battle ahead of us, but these are huge concessions from the investment banks and traditional financial infrastructure of like Bitcoins here to stay. Bitcoin is succeeding and that's ultimate, what this is about right, it's like Bitcoin has succeeded, is succeeding, and banks coming in is a validation that that is true, we're all boomers in our own way.

Right, hey! You, kids, get off my lawn like in our own things. The thing that you found first is always something that you have resentment for the people who find it later. Every everything's like that, I got involved in the drone space as well in san Francisco same sort of thing there too, you know. Actually, drones are pretty fun.

People are pretty light-hearted that in that sector, but It'S always folks going. Oh, I don't like the news. I don't like the new way of things happening, sure I don't like all of it too, but it is what it is before we go and I know we have to go soon. Is there a price or event or something fundamental that could change where you would say, the supercycle was not dead or even take it further, I'm no longer a big corner but sure?

Well, let's start with the positive ones. First, then, we can go to the negative ones. Positive ones would be like a surprise, ETF approval. I think that would I don't think that's likely for 2021, but if it happened it would be very surprising and the market would go nuts. You know, I think there would be other ones like more purchases happening from top hedge funds, that are sizable insurance funds and sovereign wealth funds.

I think like those getting in in in bigger sizes of like 10 billion. That'S when things really start to get clicking. That would be surprising which would make the price I think very, very much give more checkmarks to a super cycle happening. I think if we get over a hundred thousand dollars a Bitcoin well, the probability of a supercycle goes up, as the price goes up, of course, but you know, I think that you know once we break that 100k barrier. I think that that really distorts people's opinion like I saw this happen at 1, 000 and 10.000.

You know when, when that breaks people just like lose all semblance of like they're like whoa, okay, i never thought I could get this high and it did, and so when that happens, I think that and that combined with this mainstream institutional investor feedback loop, that's where I think things can get really nuts, so I think like. If we break 100k, then then the game begins. Then they race it we're off to the right and they start talking about 100. 100. You start talking about a million.

It'S the next round number with the one and then that's a magnet that people you know withholds, withhold, selling from and the price starts to climb they keep withholding selling so I think that combination of factors could lead to a super cycle being more validated of it being a possibility, you know I'd say on the negative side we could see like well what if 65k was the top. That, obviously, would invalidate that this is a supercycle and we see sideways churn for if we see sideways churn or like sideways chop in past December. I think that that would be a very bad sign.

We should see Bitcoin break all-time highs again this year. So if we don't see that happen again, I think that the super psych would be invalidated. But who knows you know? Maybe you go sideways for eight months and then has a 20x run-up in January.

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