Chromebook Operating System Review

Chromebook Operating system

Maybe your PC or Notebook can install Chrome OS without having to buy a Chromebook or Notebook based on Chrome OS, for how to install Chrome OS on a Windows laptop or Windows computer.

Chromebook Operating System

When we open a Chromebook Notebook, the first thing that appears in the Chrome browser. This YouTube with Chrome browser with Chromebook Operation system. The first time will be faster because it doesn't have a lot of booting, it doesn't open a lot of applications, it only opens the Chrome application and maybe even a little application then Chrome OS can also add Android applications, attack like WhatsApp then Messenger then Yes, TikTok or Instagram and other Android applications as long as you can search for Chromebook OS that has been muted or has been modified.

Chromebook Operating System Can Install Android applications

Chromebook Operating System Review
Now, let's complete what Chromebook OS supports for installing Android applications so These Android applications are directly installed on the Google Play Store, yes, some have Chromebook OS included with the Google Playstore, some have not installed the horn manually, some have been In addition, you can limit children to holding your gadget with a laptop only. you have had enough Currently, there are many students among these schools that require students to have one cellphone, whether it's one house for one cellphone alternately or one student with one cellphone depending on the ability of the student's family.

Chromebook Operating System Use a Cellphone

Now with this Chrome OS or this Chromebook, you only need one just laptop unit without having to use a cellphone because it already functions as an Android cellphone. So you can minimize the movement of your students or your children who are still in elementary school, junior high school, there will be times of extraordinary curiosity, usually, advertisements appear to install games just press the button on the game to be installed so that it interferes with the focus of our students' learning, so with the teachings of Chrome OS, we can limit it.

Because taking turns and playing games feels uncomfortable, so for example, we can install games, for example, our students or your kids are smart so you already know how to install all games in the play store are reluctant to use chrome OS to install games, for example, if they can be installed to play games, they are confused, of course, they are confused because there is a combination with the keyboard that must be set first. The games in the Playstore are designed for smartphones when they are installed on the Mixte Smartphone the navigation is automatic, so it's just like this, you can play games installed by children, but if you use a laptop or Chromebook, you have to install the Android game application, you have to reset it from the settings, if the kids are curious and look for it on YouTube or on the internet the way to set it is that it has become minimal, limiting or delaying our students to play movie1 online on the Chromebook.

Chromebook Operating System Best for Children

Chromebook Operating System Best for Children
One of the advantages that I think is extraordinary, so that the needs of your students must first be met with a laptop based on Chrome OS right, rather than handing over a smartphone that we ourselves to control as parents. It'S really net can't be intense or can't focus, because the cellphone is like easy to carry. Sometimes it is held in the corner in the room or anywhere. We don't know what the children are accessing. What'S the difference with a Chromebook? Yes, with a laptop that On this side, if you carry it everywhere, it will certainly be inconvenient, especially if the children are carrying it. You can try to install the Chromebook Operating System yourself on the laptop that you currently have.

Because after it is installed, the memory will be more and more multifunctional, it can be used for job applications, it can also be used for browsers, it can also be used for typing, it can be less or less. so the child is not more than that, at least the browser Zoom then typed in the design for elementary and junior high school children.

I think that's outside of school education, each child's creativity is different, they have to use the Windows Chromebook operating system for video design and editing. Maybe that's all we can convey for this opportunity.

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