How To Buy Cryptos With Luno?

How To Buy Cryptos With Luno

You can use Luno to buy your favorite cryptos and that's what I'm going to do today in this article. I'll show you a step-by-step guide on how to use Luno. I'll tell you how to sign up, find your account buy cryptos, and if you have paper Hands.

How to Buy Cryptos on The Luno Exchange?

I'll also tell you how to sell your cryptos and withdraw the money back up. Finally, I'll also share some tips and tricks on using lung sounds good. Let'S not waste any time, and, let's start right now, signing up to Luno is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

If you need a referral link, you can scroll down to the description. Then click on the lunar link to sign up you'll get five dollars worth of bitcoin. If you deposit hundred dollars and buy bitcoin with it. Yes, I know five dollars any much, but five dollars can already buy one that fund with fish already just go through the whole signup process. They will need you to submit a document and take a selfie to verify your id.

So just do that. It will take around one to two business days for your account to be verified. So, let's fast forward by one day, the next day, all right, your account, is finally approved. Now, who wants to be a millionaire you're great now, you just need to download all your live savings into luna and buy as much bitcoin as possible.

How To Buy Cryptos with With Luno?

Please don't do that only invest what you can afford to lose anyway, let's find our account with some money. First up, if you are from Malaysia, there are two ways to find your account why your instance transfer with FPX and bank transfer Luno has a great tutorial, which shows you how to do that, which I will link down below in the description. But if you are from Singapore welcome to Singapore, I will show you how to find your account using as first head over to the lunar website. Click boilers, click, SGD wallet, then click the deposit button. Above then, it will tell you to link your as first so just click the link as first then confirm enter the code which was sent to your phone as for amount.

Let'S start with a small amount of one million dollars just kidding. The maximum deposit is just five thousand dollars, so, let's start with one hundred dollars. Instead, then click next to confirm. It'S complaining that you don't have enough money in s. First, you will need to go deposit some money into experts.

First, now I'm in my s-first account on the right under digital goods, wallet, click deposit, then click select wallet, digital goods, wallet, select, your bank click. Add bank account I'm using DBS, so I'll choose DBS, but you can choose any that you won't enter your account. The number then click next then close now select your bank account, which you have just entered as for amount. I will start with 100. First, then click next click proceed.

Then. Ok, all right now, you will need to head over to your bank account to transfer the money over if you are using DBS mouse over a transfer. Click to other bank accounts fast for the recipient's name. Go to s first copy the recipient's name head back paste it in. For recipients bank goes to as first, it shows cimb, bet, choose cimb for recipient's bank account go to s first copy.

The bank account number head back to paste it in next choose your account. As for the transfer amount, just now, we have entered 100 for purpose. Our transfer, it doesn't matter, you can just choose anything, you want for comments, it also doesn't matter just type anything you want maybe type what big. Okay, click next to make sure everything is all right. Then click submit once you are done, go back to s.

First. Tell them that you have transferred the money. The money will take about five to six minutes. To arrive pro tip. You don't have to keep refreshing your ass first, because once the money has arrived, experts will send you an email that looks something like this next in Luno click, wallets click, SGD wallet, then click the deposit button above type in 100.

Then click next then confirm you. Should receive your money almost instantly, there are a few cryptos that you can buy with Luno. You can see BTC here or if you want to buy another car crypto, you can click, add a new wallet, as you can see, there are five more other cryptos here. Sadly, there's no doggy coin, but that's alright because today I want to buy PTC so I'll click Wallace at the top click BTC wallet, then click buy you'll be able to choose whether it's a one-off purchase or repeat, but I'll choose one-off as for amount. Let'S download all the 100 into BDC, then click next to take note that for every buy and sell bruno will be charging one percent.

Click confirm congrats. You have just become a proud holder of bitcoin. Here dunno mentions that you can put your bitcoin in a savings wallet to earn four percent, but my advice is to do that because you can easily earn seven percent in other places. I'll show you how later alright, so that was how to buy bitcoin using Luno. But now, let's imagine your bitcoin has gone to the moon, and now you want to paper, hands, and sell it.

Let me show you: how in luna click wallets click cell, choose your crypto to choose the currency. The wallet then enters how much you want to sell. I want to sell everything so I'll click max, then click next again you'll be charged. One percent looks like luna is getting rich off me. My 100 just now has already become 95, so the moral of the story is, you won't lose money if you don't sell anyway, click confirm to sell.

Now that you have sold your bitcoin I'll quickly. Show you how to withdraw the money back into your account. Go to your SGD wallet. Click withdraw for Singapore you'll withdraw to ask first, but for Malaysia, you'll be withdrawn to your bank. Account choose the amount that you want to withdraw then confirm. If you are transferring an amount with cents like 68 cents, you know will complain so hit back and remove the fractional amount change it to 95. Instead, click next, then click confirm the withdrawal. Time is different, depending on where you are from. If you are withdrawing Malaysia ringgit, a withdraw will only be processed at 10, am 12 noon, and 3 45 pm.

Don'T ask me why it's like that long if you'll be drawing SGD you'll be within a few minutes, so just wait for a while. Once your money has arrived, experts will send you an email that looks something like this and if you head over to experts, you'll see that your money has arrived under digital goods. Wallet click withdraw select, wallet, digital goods, wallet choose your bank account then enter the amount which you want to withdraw. Then click next check. Everything is alright, then click proceed.

The withdrawal will take one day to arrive all right, so that was a quick tutorial on how to use Luno now I'll share some tips and tricks on using aspers and Luno first to earn higher interest in your cryptos. Remember just now. Did I tell you: don't click save with Luno? That'S because there are other platforms out there that let you earn a much higher interest. For example, hold up lets you earn 7% on your Bitcoins.

If you are interested to use, hold or not sign up link down below. I will quickly show you how to send your bitcoin to hold the knock at wallets. Click, send choose your crypto, then they will ask you for the address head over to holder, not click deposit withdrawals choose the crypto that you want to send then copy. The address hit back to Luno paste it in click next to enter the amount for the note just enter anything you want, it doesn't matter, click next choose who the address belongs to.

Where do you get it? The address from then enter the platform name, mine is holding or not so I'll just enter. How do not click next to take note that they will charge you a fee for transferring? If everything is all right, click confirm do not ask you to authorize the transfer in their SMS, so just do that all right. That was how to send your bitcoin to another platform.

Second, if you are using express it's super important to enabling 2fa on experts, otherwise, the hackers can just come and steal your money to do that as first at the top right side, click on your account click security settings. Then click change settings. Then you will need to use the google authenticator app to set up your 2fa. Third, if you are using experts, there's a 30k annual limit on your experts. That means you can only buy 30k worth of cryptos every year, which shouldn't be a big problem unless of course, you're some rich Saudi prince.

Alright, those were some tips and tricks on using Luno to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, XRP, and Altcoins Securely. Hopefully, you find this article useful.

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