iPhone 11 worth it in 2021? Everything We Know

iPhone 11

This time we will discuss a prestigious smartphone whose logo must be visible. When you take a selfie in front of your mirror, this smartphone comes from America, more precisely in California, but this Smartphone is assembled in China. iPhone 11 in 2019 Apple released its Smartphone product, the iPhone Eleven or iPhone 11 series level, this is the successor of his brother, the famous iPhone. it's still IPS or Liquid retina IPS LCD and uses an aluminum frame type for its body. From these characteristics, it's no wonder that the iPhone 11 or iPhone Eleven is often referred to as the successor to the famous iPhone, but from the experience of the 10th iPhone series, does it apply to the 11th iPhone generation now?

iPhone 11 Reviews 2021

Of course not all series iPhone 11 has a battery life that can be said to be efficient and can compensate for the famous iPhone series especially I am in the iPhone 11pro and 11 Pro Max series which have a larger battery capacity than the usual iPhone 11 Hi, I can definitely save even more in battery usage, it depends on usage when you use the iPhone, the specifications for the iPhone 11 was launched on September 10, 2019, with the use of a Liquid retina IPS LCD screen of six-point one inch and has an aspect ratio of 19.5 to 9 This iPhone 11 is equipped with a unique baby A13 chipset with various choices of ROM, namely 64 GB 128 GB and 256 3 and equipped with 4 GB of RAM.

This iPhone 11 has a battery of j3110 Maha and has a fast-charging feature of 18 World, but in the purchase package of the iPhone 11 it is only equipped with a 5-watt charger if you want a charger with a faster speed we bought an 18-watt charger package for this separately, different from the iPhone pro series and iPhone 11 format that already has 18-watt face charging, say oh yes, this iPhone 11 also supports fast charging like other flagship HP, of course, because this is a premium cellphone.

iPhone 11 AnTuTu Benchmark test

iPhone 11 AnTuTu Benchmark
In the AnTuTu benchmark test, all the graphs on every drop can be brushed off easily without any legging symptoms or commonly called lag. the results achieved are around 482 thousand, so the score from the AnTuTu Benchmark is very high and this is still very much a student for the next few years because of course the iPhone 11 is equipped with the a13 bayonet chipset so it is very capable for the next few years Now because we have discussed the specifications from the iPhone 11 it feels less complete if the 

iPhone 11 Gaming Performance

iPhone we haven't tried it this way through gaming Okay we will open the game, namely PG and we will see the performance Okay we will open the settings on the PUBG mobile graphics the graphic settings we get are Ultra XD Tio has an Ultra smile frame frequency then if we set the HDR settings then the frequency The frame obtained is extreme Okay, let's enter the training mode in this PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends game based on experience in gaming, what I can feel is satisfaction.

Why am I satisfied, because Who doubts the chipset from the iPhone, there are still many gamers or normal users out there who are still using the iPhone 7 or 8 series, which when gaming, no lag or legging symptoms are found at all, talking about the temperature after using it for a few minutes, there are indeed symptoms of a temperature rise, but the temperature rise is still normal unlike in the past in the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S series that have been I have time That's high school, even before I saw on Youtube there was an iPhone 5S series that could cook eggs because the iPhone was so hot.

iPhone 11 Camera

iPhone 11 Camera

Archer camera is 1.8 and the other camera is 12 megapixels Ultra-white camera with camera apparatus of 2.4 all these rear cameras already support video recording up to Max quality at 60fps 4K and equipped with OIS or optical image stabilizer Hi on the front camera of the iPhone 11 to this has a 12-megapixel camera with a 2.2 apparatus that already supports recording so it is 4K with 60fps and is equipped with Geo's eyes feature or an electronic image stabilizer.

There are several blur background effects what is the menu option that you can choose then, namely the video photo in this video feature there are vs settings and video sharpness can be set starting from Hi 10-60 vs and the resolution can be set until 4K next is the slow-mo video and time-lapse and this is the result of iPhone 11 camera photos and videos 

iPhone 11 Sounds

The test of the iPhone 11 this iPhone 11 has stereo speakers, namely top and bottom, and produces a sound that tends to be detailed and I like the sound characteristics because the bass and treble won't be balanced. Just additional info for the audience, everyone is immune to e-users -Toll Flash, which can now be checked for balance using an iPhone.

iPhone 11 NFS?

 From some iPhones, it does support NFC.  However, using NFC, which can check e-toll balances, is only available for a few courses and it is very inconvenient for us to go to the supermarket just to check the balance from The card A few months ago BCA added a feature to check Flashcard balances via iPhone. This feature has actually been on Android for a long time but has only been updated to the iPhone. A few months ago, how are you sure the users of this card are very happy, including me, how do you do that? Checking in is easy, just stick it on the front or back camera, and automatically the balance will be displayed on your LCD or screen from some of the specifications on the iPhone 11 earlier.

iPhone 11 Price

iPhone 11 Price
 iPhone 11 Price August 2021

Then what is the price to pay to buy an iPhone 11 2021 from several sources? you can buy it at www.apple.com

Okay, maybe that's all from this iPhone 11 review, If we have a wrong word or mistake Please forgive me.

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