Samsung Galaxy A11 | Specification and Price

Samsung Galaxy A11

This time for a review of the Samsung Galaxy A11, a cellphone that is not at all for the kicking people, it's better. Ok. So, as you probably know in the low-end and mid-end classes, Samsung has spawned In two series there is Seiya and there is an M series. So if I may compose A series, it means the action that is important is the cool style, trendy and maximum slang that from Samsung A11, none other than Galaxy Ace, for everyone Grand. So, according to my observation, they made Galaxia on a variety of price choices and specifications so that everyone can use a Samsung cellphone that is suitable for expression for style.

Samsung Galaxy A11 specification and price

So this series is Samsung Galaxy A11. The effect is more on the appearance of the political bus design, plus the current features that are happening in its class. So the important thing is action and also an okay expression. If the m series is written by me, it means that kicking is an important right. So go free or steal, maybe share.

This is the target market, in my opinion, it's more reproachful to see what's oriented towards function, not action or rich expressions in the Galaxy Ace. So if you're, one of the winners, it's better for Mercure like me to be orange, but six Phone from the Samsung brand has been provided with the M series, which has a selling point in the Playstore for its performance Samsung Galaxy Ace: This is what I want to make products like Nusa Process for me because, for those of you who are still protesting, it means that simply the Samsung Galaxy S series is not intended for Turns out. Everyone has their own taste preferences and needs when it comes to buying their ideal cellphone. So the formula just now consistently happens on the Galaxy A11, so the cellphone isn't for heavy gaming, for example, for example, not everyone plays Blade games, It's important for daily use to run smoothly Play Mobile Legends.

Samsung Galaxy A11 Specification

Samsung Galaxy A11
Already it's safe on the highest graphics settings. The frame rate lake is turned on playing Asphalt. Well, it's still okay here! So that's enough for those of you who really intend to beat it from the Samsung Galaxy A11, but the budget is under $200  to be price. The camera is also bright enough to document our various activities during the day plus a white Angle, camera and a Bokeh camera, which is enough. 
Only if we do activities at night we must use flash, because if we don't use flash, It's not gonna be pretty. the video recording is not stable, the results are told, even though the bag is okay, maybe because there is no gyroscope sensor. This time, Yes, because modern Mitsubishi electronics are usually assisted by a gyroscope sensor, right, There's also no magnetism. So it's simple there's only an auto-brightness sensor here, but the plus point is that your expectations for a cool cute cellphone don't look cheap at all from a more trusted brand tested and safest. The most important thing is still at an affordable price. 

You can get everything here because SmartPhone is not at all like $100. The design is very young and the choice of colors is Bolt and cute. So it's far from the Low Profile impression, the finishing of life. Polycarbonate material doesn't look cheap at all is very solid and features polished, contemporary features such as a USB type-c camera tripod and a front camera design that already has Pancor capital. Well, it's rare for $100 cellphones to have such a silent appearance right only on the appearance of the website. No Samsung also sprinkles some spices on it. I taste good the battery lasts 4000mah. So, if I use it, I can standby for approximately one and a half days.

There is also a 15watt fast charging feature that can fill this Smartphone battery to full in two hours. Less than 10 minutes, it's not bad. The symmetry is also complete with 3 slots and the voltaic race Smartfren, plus a little extra. What'S the charm, that's the typical Samsung charisma want you Ayang super light, efficient battery management, simple and fun, but still rich in features, and when I came back using a Samsung cellphone, it turned out that the first thing I checked the most was the parent share. 

The responsiveness quality of Samsung's Galaxy A11 display. It'S the winner, dexterity games now on Samsung phones are the most correct only if I may wish for this. If only the Galaxy S11 could provide a full LCD screen panel and speakers that were a little more bassy, It's not bad. It'S normal or the quality is average for the price class. Actually, I'm a potential suitor for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus among those who already know what they want, namely a cellphone with maximum style from a top brand, but the price is still affordable for people who.

People who have directly held their cellphones when they have friends, for example, or go on a trip to a store or Samsung experience Store, for example, because the design of this cellphone has the potential to make people fall in love with touch and at first sight. If that's the case for others, it won't be too confusing, or it's still in accordance with their daily needs. Is it safe? The existence of the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus in my opinion, is just because the market share is clear.

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