Samsung Galaxy S6 2021

Samsung Galaxy S6 worth it in 2021?

We've tested several flagship smartphones this year 2021. If you're still looking for the fastest one, this could be the answer. Samsung made a huge revolution in its smartphone design by using metal and glass material in the Samsung Galaxy S6 body that gives a premium and sturdy feel to the phone. You can feel the premium impression just by touching it. Galaxy S6 is also the best handling smartphone so far thanks to a 5.1-inch display that fits one-handed use and its ideal weight and thickness.

Samsung Galaxy S6 worth it in 2021?

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 has a really beautiful unibody all curved edges will make your hand comfortable holding it. Both sides of this phone are protected with Gorilla Glass 4 but unfortunately, leave a lot of fingerprints on the backside. At the front side, there's a physical Home button and two capacitive buttons (Menu & Back) that'll light whenever you touch it. While the backside is home for a bulging camera, flash, and S-Health sensor. No more bloatware!

Samsung has thrown away unnecessary features and apps to make the UI more responsive and attractive. Touchwiz UI and Android Lollipop 5.0.2 duet deliver superb multitasking performance. There's no tap to wake feature in Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung offers wake-up gestures and fingerprint sensors instead.

You can run 2 apps simultaneously by pressing the Menu button for approximately 2 seconds. For example... you can stream YouTube and browse at the same time. You can also run up to 5 apps manually in multi-windows mode. Simply drag diagonally the corner window of a running app to make it run in multi-window mode. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 also offers motion and gesture features; you can take a screenshot by waving your hand or mute incoming calls just by turning the display downward. There's no significant facelift in the Touchwiz UI but Samsung offers more flexible customization through a wide range of themes not to mention the Easy Mode that simplifies the UI to make it more friendly for senior users. Sports enthusiasts don't want to miss the S-Health sensor near its camera flash which can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, even stress level from a touch of your finger.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Full phone specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 Full phone specifications
Unfortunately, the impressive multitasking performance of Touchwiz UI costs 2GB of RAM. Galaxy S6 scored high points in the Antutu benchmark test. How high is it? Let's find out! Samsung Galaxy S6 has a crisp Super AMOLED display and lightning-fast processor.

Let's talk about the display first. The 2560 x 1440 pixels Super AMOLED display delivers colorful and detailed images in various usage. It surpasses another premium smartphone when displaying Full HD and 4K video the display characteristic is also adjustable with three different modes. To run games and heavy multitasking, Galaxy S6 relies on Samsung Exynos 7420 octa-core processor with up to 2.1 GHz clock speed and 3GB of RAM. That is the fastest 64-bit and 14nm fabrication processor available at the moment Antutu Benchmark also confirmed it with 66542 points.

Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't have a microSD slot but offers spacious 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of internal storage instead. Having a high-resolution display and a fast processor comes with a price the average lifetime of its 2550 mAh battery is 10-12 hours only for social media and browsing. It's a relief that Galaxy S6 has a fast charging feature that charges the phone from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes and fully charges the battery in 1 hour 30 minutes. Samsung Galaxy S6 premium design and powerful performance completed with one of the best cameras for smartphones which you can access by pressing the Home button twice. The 16MP camera captures indoor, outdoor, macro, and depth of field images perfectly in Auto and Pro mode.

You can adjust ISO, focus, metering, exposure, and white balance in Pro mode. There are plenty of downloadable photo modes like dual camera, sport, surround shoot and many others from Samsung Galaxy Apps Images taken with the camera are very sharp and the color saturation is highly accurate. The F 1.9 aperture is really helpful to capture images in low light conditions. The front-facing 5MP camera is also a big treat for it captures wide and bright selfie images even with dim light. There's also a wide selfie mode that creates fish eye wide effect images. It makes Galaxy S6 undoubtedly the best smartphone for selfies. You can shoot video like a pro with this phone thanks to the stabilizer feature. Galaxy S6 is able to shoot 4K @30 fps, Full HD @60 fps, and slow-motion 720p @120 fps.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price 2021

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price 2021

We love the Samsung Galaxy S6 2021 design, performance, and camera. It's one of the best premium smartphones available at the moment.

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