Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | Specification and Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 unpacked the August 2021 event, and there are some leaked specifications indicating that the Galaxy Watch 4-series seems to have appeared On the certification page. The Directorate General of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Informatics it falters if we see the classic Galaxy 4 and Galaxy 4 with five different model numbers sub Hi. Let'S continue here. There is an explanation that Galaxy for the 4-series is allegedly going to launch in an event, titled Galaxy and record on August 11.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Next, watch 4-series fraction with mod number el smr8, 80 and smr8 70 have also been reported to have appeared in the United States. Fcc mobile certification site guys.It turns out that in the United States it has been registered. Yes, the FCC document mentions the two Nobel Prizes, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, 5.0 NFC, and Wireless charging. Reggae version 4shared is reportedly equipped with a Super AMOLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specification and Features

This is a Barometer spo2 macrometer to the presence of Corning Gorilla, Glass, DX plus and runs the latest operating system OS, so it's no longer in use than a Hi Okay. If we look at YouTube guys this, There used to be a lot of talk about Galaxy Waterpark Rush after the only one on the all-star species channel 

Let'S see here, there is a Galaxy. What 40.1 massive updates were revealed to be negative. So later there will be a big improvement guys from the Galaxy Watch 42mm.

There is a new AMOLED screen on the watch. Yes, so it's a little smaller guys from the previous one, yes from Gal Previous any Watch. Here the size is 1.36 inches. I only had this one but from a slightly smaller screen. It has a higher resolution, guys especially Hi Japanese porn morning 450 times 450 pixels. The previous one was 360 times. He considers it as a holder, Hi everyone really When they found out. They said it was because Ucok Muhajir wanted to deposit his cellphone. In it there was 16 GB of storage, so you can add 1000 songs guys about 1000 songs. Yes, this!

If I'm not mistaken, it will be supported later by the internet. Yes, the smartphone, So the regular Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the regular and the plastic has three sensors. This is different from PPJQ and the cost of blood pressure, heart rate body fat level to analyze it for fifteen seconds. There is also an SP2J monitor slip in the future. It will come with Android or free download for yes, so if you are already using wear OS, it becomes an application. The Google will be embedded in Android eh afternoon on the Galaxy Watch S4 later.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 pricing has been revealed as well. Leakster even blast has published a few images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the galaxy watch 4 classics, and they reveal the European prices of the wearables. The Samsung galaxy watch - 4s 40 millimeters variant could carry a price tag of 279 euros, while its 44 millimeters variant could cost 309 euros.

As for what the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price 

Galaxy Watch 4 Price Canada with a price of CAD $428 (around $340 / £245 / AU$460) for a 42mm model, and CAD $464 (roughly $370 / £270 / AU$500) for 46mm.

In Europe, a leak suggests a price of 379 euros (roughly $450 / £325 / AU$610) for the 42mm model and 409 euros (around $485 / £350 / AU$660) for the 46mm model.

There's also one other price leak suggesting a price of between 470-500 euros for a 42mm model, and between 500-530 euros for a 46mm one. That's for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but that's what we're now expecting the Galaxy Watch 4 to launch as.

How many kinds of applications will be installed on the Galaxy Watch 4? 

Already using the nos w920 action with 1.5 GB RAM, there are two variants: yes for the regular Galaxy Watch. There are 46 m and 44 mm for the classic, bro 42 mm and 40 mm the highest. You know for this stretch, the size is 20 mm. Yes guys there is only wireless charging.

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