Samsung s10 freedom mobile

Samsung s10 freedom mobile

I tried the Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2020, so this year I present it to share my experience of how it feels to use the Galaxy Advance in 2001. The hands-on this time is the Snapdragon 855 version, so it's not the official version that uses the Exynos chipset, right? And if the initial price of this cellphone was released, it was priced at 13 million for the 8418 GB variant, then we can get it in one of the online marketplaces for only It's only for 5.2 million and the seller also said that if the galaxies asked, it's really still sealed and really just curious, right? Let's go straight to the unboxing video first.

Samsung s10 Freedom Mobile Review

The box looks simple, there's only ST writing on the front and Samsung s10 writing on the right and left but on the top and bottom it's just plain, it just starts to feel weird when you see what's behind it plain and white seal, even though usually on the back there are several key features and specifications, even the IMEI number and the pants are not there.

Samsung Galaxy S10 still Worth It In 2021?

Samsung s10 freedom mobile
Well, let's open the seal first and see what's in the package. The one that has been installed anti-scratch on the front and back, we get rid of it first and get the default charger adapter that only has 5 vol 2 amperes, aka 10 watch USB type-c data cable, which is black and hands-free Deria Kg. It looks like the quality is not original anymore yes, it turns out that at the top there are other minor sins that should have a SIM ejector PIN but it turns out that it's just a manual without a warranty card, he also filled it in the default packaging, we cleaned it up and went straight ahead because Hi, the initial impression when holding this cellphone really felt like a file the premium when it is turned on, it turns out that the default software is still using One Way version 2.1 and Android 10 OS of 128 GB of internal memory has been used for about 23 B for the system the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is actually more I like it compared to its class series, especially in the cover screen which embeds a front camera with a reflecting screen design with a screen 6.1 inch with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 Excel and added using a pencil and MS AMOLED which supports SD Advent plus it's clear that the screen quality is really pleasing to the eye for watching videos dear, so it's more comfortable and the colors feel more alive.

This cellphone also supports the wi-fi feature 6 dual-band so that the internet speed feels even faster than the previous series, I also checked using the sensor box application, there is only one sensor that is absent on this cellphone, and the in-screen fingerprint sensor feature is also very good, the response feels fast and has a pretty good level of accuracy it's the same with the Face Unlock feature which actually feels faster when unlocking the smartphone, which is a pity, of course, the battery capacity is only 3400mAh, even though post support is as good as using a cable or large 15watt barrel, but it will still feel less for today's needs, which increasingly cannot be separated from the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. ST It is equipped with a pro camera setup with the main camera of 12 megapixels, how much to ref 1.5 to f 2.4 with a dual pixel PDF feature and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, what is the 4th revolution that supports two-times optical zoom and noise and a large Ultra-white camera 16 megapixels, how many tours of 2.2 on the front, there is a selfie camera of 10 megapixels how much is Arthur F 1.9 which supports two pistols and a PlayStation or focus if the photos from the front and rear cameras give it off, it's really okay in good light conditions, the colors feel vibrant and the fans are dynamic it also feels spacious, especially for the video recording, it looks pretty good up ants and very minimal with shocks, just see for yourself.

How about the photos and videos below. A second powered by a chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which is combined with 8 GB lpddr4x RAM memory and 128 GB ROM above 2.1 formats, this cellphone is clearly still very inhabited even for In the next year, this can be seen from the latest Antutu version 90 score, which can reach 520 thousand, then Bigbang's safe ice score can also get single-core 753 points and multicore 2707 points with a high benchmark score, of course, this cellphone will still be good for playing games.

The weight of this time is proven for the PUBG MOBILE game to be able to play extreme SDR or Ultra SD Ultra chats with smooth gameplay and minimal frame drop occurs at least it's just wasteful, which is quite noticeable considering the battery market which is classified as a person or at this time I'm also trying to play the gasoline impact game if the default setting on the medium is still okay and not so overhead.

Of course, it will make the cellphone hot and the battery even more wasteful and obviously this cellphone can still play today's SD games quite well and is still worth it. Ball, in conclusion, Samsung Galaxy 10 this is indeed better if it is used as a daily cellphone which can still be relied on for the performance and results of the camera, especially this year the price is dropping and of course the more words with the various features that will be obtained on this cellphone, it's just a shame that we didn't get the same cellphone it's still new even though it's still sealed but after looking again it turns out that there are some scratches on the frame, it's easy, if it's a new cellphone, the paint cycle shouldn't read 85 right away, so just for the experience, if you want to buy an old cellphone, they say We're still new, we have to be more careful because we've experienced this going away It's not just once or twice.

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