Top Performing Fidelity Index Funds in 2021

Top Performing Fidelity Index Funds in 2021

So what exactly are the top 5 performing Fidelity Index Funds here in the middle of 2021? We are talking about fidelity index funds, but more specifically, the very best performing fidelity index funds so far here in 2021.

Top 5 Performing Fidelity Index Funds

Yes, we are going to talk about those top five performing index funds here in 2021, but we're also going to widen the scope and look at how fun these funds have performed not only this year but also last year, the last three years, and five years and Beyond, because we're talking about Fidelity index fund investing, we are talking about long-term, investing and knowing how these funds perform.

Just in 2021 is not enough information for us to make an informed decision, and then secondly, what we'll do is we'll compare the list of index funds that are performing well so far this year and we'll compare it to what was performing the best last year. I love talking about all things: investing including index funds and investing for retirement for the average joe.

You guys know how much I never want to waste your time and I always want to deliver massive value as quickly as possible with every article, I make so without further delay. Let'S jump right into the content. The very first index fun we're going to talk about here, number five on the list of top-performing index funds here in 2021. So far this year is the fidelity u.s sustainability index fund. The ticker symbol is f. I t l x now this fund seeks to provide investment results that correspond with the total return of the MSCI USA ESG index. That'S a lot of different abbreviations there.

So normally this index fund invests at least 80 of the assets in this index, which represents the performance of stocks of large to mid-cap u.s companies with high environmental, social, and governance performance relative to their sector peers. This just gives you a general idea of some of the factors that go into what types of companies are in this index, so they filter out companies that don't meet these types of standards, environmental, social, and government.

So, under environmental, we're looking at climate change, carbon emissions, air and water pollution, biodiversity, energy efficiency, waste management, then from a social perspective we've got. You know human rights, labor standards, community relations, gender and diversity, and then from a governance standpoint how they deal with executive compensation, lobbying political contributions, etc. Whether you agree with this index or not.

That'S not the point of this video because I don't do politics on my youtube channel point. Is this fund is outperforming the majority of Fidelity index funds out there? This fund is year-to-date up 18 over the one year, the past 12 months, it's up 40.78, and then the three-year return. The average annual return is 19.79. As you can see, this fund was created, May 9th, 2017.

It has an expense ratio of 0.11. Just to give you some awareness with respect to you know what that expense ratio really results in real life. Let'S say you had ten thousand dollars invested. You multiply that point by point one percent, which leads to eleven dollars. A year in expense ratio, one of the great things about fidelity index funds is that all of the index funds have a minimum required investment of zero dollars, which means you're, gonna start with just one dollar.

Now, why is this fund performing so well? Because it does have some high-performing stocks in there, you can see here. The top 10 holdings make up 32.35 percent of the portfolio, and you should be familiar here with Microsoft. Google class, a and class c shares tesla johnson visa Procter gamble Disney Walt Disney, Nvidia, and home depot, though it does have a total of 266 holdings from a market sector waiting for standpoint.

You can see that that the top sector is information technology. It makes up over a quarter of the portfolio. Second, there would be health care, then consumer, discretionary financials, and communication services. Okay, number: four on this list of top five fidelity index funds performing so far year to date in 2021, is the fidelity zero-extended market index fund. The ticker symbol here is f z. I p x, as you can see right here. This fund seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the total return of stocks of mint to small-cap u.s companies.

They normally invest at least 80 of their assets in the fidelity u.s extended investable market index. These are considered to be the mid and small-cap stocks at the top of the top 2500. US companies excluding the largest 500 companies - in other words, you take the entire stock market right and you get rid of the top 500 largest companies. What you're left with here are the mid-cap and the small-cap, and so this is it's like taking a mid-cap and a small-cap index and combining them together. 

It'S the extended market, you, as you can see. This phone was created on September 13th of 2018, and it has a zero percent. Expense ratio means as an investor. It costs you zero dollars, zero cents to own this index fund year. To date, this fund is up 19.27 good enough for fourth place on the list. Here of index funds from fidelity and then the one-year return 60.87 for a lifetime return of 13.93 from a sector standpoint.

You can see here that we have quite a bit of a blend here: industrials make up 16 or 16.6 financials makeup 16 5, consumer discretionary makes up 14.16 healthcare at 12.68, and information technology at 12.58 scrolling further down. We do the top 10 holdings, there are 2 1119 holdings in the portfolio and the top 10 only make up 2.32. So it's very balanced among its holdings here: top 10 American airlines, l brands, inc hunt, jb transport, dense supply, Sirona inc, Airbnb, whirlpool Williams, Sonoma west rock snowflake, and Molina Healthcare, and just for your awareness here.

If you are investing for any type of dividend mindset which, by the way, I would not call this a dividend index fund whatsoever, but most index funds do pay dividends. This index fund all of the fidelity zero index funds only pay an annual dividend or distribution, and that happens every December. All right number three on this list here from fidelity index funds is the fidelity mid-cap value index fund, ticker, symbol, f, i m v x.

Top Performing Fidelity Index Funds in 2021

So we just talked about the extended market. Now we're specializing further into just mid-cap value stocks. As you can see here, the objective of this index fund is to seek to provide investment results that correspond to the total return of stocks or mid-cap. Us companies, specifically the as you can see right here - the Russell mid-cap value index, which is a market-cap-weighted index designed to measure the performance of mid-cap value stocks.

So we've got a balance in an index fund when we include all of the types of companies in the index and then we've got growth, which is generally younger companies that are still in the growth phase of their business, and then you've got value which the flip side Generally established companies that might be trading at a price that is very enticing to an investor, and so that's where you got value and you got growth. This is the mid-cap value index fund. As you can see, this fund was created July 11th of 2019 and it has an expense ratio of 05 percent meaning five dollars for every ten thousand dollars invested in this fund year.

To date, this fund is up 20.28. The one-year return is 52.83 and the lifetime 15.77. From a sector standpoint, we can see that we've got a little bit of balance here. We'Ve got industrials at 17.57, financials make up 16 56 percent consumer discretionary 12.44 real estate, 10.01 information technology and materials at 8.96 and 8.15 percent scrolling down to the actual companies here got total holdings 710 in this portfolio and this index fund and the top 10 holdings make up 6 2 percent of the total portfolio we've got companies like Twitter, ford, freeport, McMorris, johnson controls, hp, parker, Hanafin, train technologies, cumin's active plc and prudential financial and just for awareness from a distribution standpoint.

It does pay a semi-annual distribution in august and December. All right number, two on the list here from fidelity: the small-cap value index fund f-i-s-v-x, the fidelity small-cap value index fund was created July 11, 2019, and, let's scroll down here, to get some more details we can see here. The strategy is to invest at least 80 of the assets in securities included in the Russell 2000 value index, which is a market cap weight index to measure the small-cap value segment of the US equity market. 

Small-cap means smaller companies and small-cap has been on a tear over the past year. The fidelity small-cap value index fund is up year-to-date, 24.72 percent, the one-year return 73.1 percent, and lifetime 20.25 percent coming over to composition. Here we can see from a market sector standpoint financials make up 26.76 of this index fund, followed by industrials at eight at 16. 84 consumer discretionary at 14.47 real estate at eight point three percent materials at six points: six and then health care and information technology.

The top ten holdings here in this small-cap value fund include darling ingredients, Gamestop no surprise. Their Cleveland cliffs, incorporated novovax inc pen, national gaming performance, food, united states, steel, caesars entertainment, stifle, financial, corp and ovintiv incorporated. I know I know you're thinking. Well, it's got GameStop in the portfolio. No wonder this index fund has performed so well, but you should know here that Gamestop does not make up a significant portion of this index.

In fact, the top 10 make up only 5.6, and it's not the top holding here. It'S number two so just know that there are 1500 holdings in this portfolio and Gamestop is just a very small portion of it all right. Lastly, number one on this list here of top-performing fidelity index funds. So far in 2021 is the fidelity real estate index fund, ticker symbol, f-s-r-n-x now I know what you're thinking holy smokes. I didn't see that coming.

I didn't see real estate coming as the best index fund, but if you think about it, if you stop to think about how the local real estate market is for you guys, I don't know where you're living, but here in California, it's off the hook, as it says Here the objective is to seek to provide investment results that correspond to the total return of equity, real estate, investment trusts, and other real estate-related investments. They invest at least 80 percent of the assets and securities included in the msci us imi real estate 25 25 indexes. This fund is up year to date, 25.50 percent, the one-year return 38.19 three-year return. 7. 66 five-year return 4.89 and lifetime 9.19. The fund was created in September of 2011.

The expense ratio for this fund is point zero, seven percent, so only seven dollars for every ten thousand dollars invested. We know that this fund is entirely about real estate, so we're looking at a sub-industry diversification here so of all the real estate here specialized REITs make up 36.4 residential makeup 14 17 retail makes up 10.45 industrial makes up 10.31 and then healthcare makes 8.42 top 10 holdings here make up 38.21. So we are slight uh weighted heavily in the top 10 

There are a total of 172 holdings top 10 makeup: 38.21 percent. We'Ve got American tower: preligious inc, REITs crown castle, Equinix public storage, digital realty trust, Simon property group, SBA, communications, willpower, and Weyerhaeuser.

Now, what's interesting here is these top five make up nothing related to growth, and that was the name of the game in previous videos. I've made here with respect to top-performing fidelity index funds we can see here we have the fidelity small-cap growth. The next fund that was part of the top five that i made kind of in December of 2020 is small-cap growth. Now the fidelity extended market was up here as well, so that was one that was well-performing in 2020, as well as in 2021. So far, another one that was top-performing last year was the mid-cap growth index fund. We can see right here. This one was up 28.71 year-to-date in November of 2020.

And then, of course, we had the fidelity large-cap growth index fund here, fsp gx - that was one of the top performers. Well, that was up 32 as of last year in November, and then we had the fidelity NASDAQ composite index fund fncmx, another top performer. So we had a lot of growth last year, but guess what things have changed and that's the nature of investing guys. One investment generally does not perform the best every single year, some years, it's growth, some years, it's the s, p, 500.

Sometimes it's small-cap. Sometimes it's the mid-cap point, though, is we don't know what the future holds? We can have general ideas of what we think is going to be important in the future, which is why some people invest heavily in growth and information technology, but at the end of the day you know you just don't know, what's going to happen in the future And things change year to year, so the perspective I take is, I don't know, what's gonna happen in the future, so I do growth, yes, but I also do small, mid and large-cap when it comes to retirement.

Investing I've got a long-term mindset. So my 401k is in growth. It'S in the vanguard, growth index fund. I believe, and then my Roth ira is in small, mid, and large-cap indexes small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, 30, 30, 30, and then like 10 in international, because I don't know what's gonna happen. So, as a result, should we buy just these five index funds you could, but that does not necessarily correspond with a long-term investing strategy. This is the name of the game right now.

This is the flavor of the day before we can choose investments. We have to know what we are trying to accomplish and know how long we need to invest. Next week, I'm going to do a vanguard version of this looking at the top vanguard, exchange, traded funds, and index funds. So far in 2021, though, I expect we might see a very similar trend where growth is out, or at least performing average, and we have stronger performers in small and mid-cap indexes make sure to leave your two cents in the comments below guys.

Let me know what you thought about this article. I haven't done a fidelity index fun video in a while - and I know, there's a lot of people that watch my channel for that and for long-term investing strategies.

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