AgEagle Acquires SenseFly And Boosts Revenue

AgEagle is acquiring another company and I thought it would be very interesting to do a very quick article for you this time, I'm not going to do a full-on article, but just going to share this piece of news with you, because I do believe it's very important And I'll tell you in a second why I believe that is important. So, as we can read, AgEagle is going to acquire sense fly from Parrot. Parrot is a company, you might already know it's a french company, a drone company, and. Well, the thing is AgEagle already: GUI acquired another company from parrot a while ago, which was missense now they're going to acquire senseFly. senseFly is founded in 2009, as we can read over here, going to zoom in a little bit more. So hopefully you can read a little bit better.

AgEagle Acquires SenseFly And BOOSTS Revenue - UAVS Stock

It is focused on fixed-wing drones. Just like AgEagle is usually but we're going to see if they are going to be focused on fixed wings and fixed-wing drones for the next couple of years. As well and these drones are also autonomous, which is very important to know the company for sensiFly is focused on agriculture, government, engineering, and construction. Basically, the same sectors as AgEagle are focusing on among other industries, verticals and they're, going to collect, actionable aerial data intelligence. So basically they're going to acquire data with their drones.

The headquarter is in Lausanne in Switzerland, so right here in the European Union, I'm based in the Netherlands, myself, maybe I'll go ahead and go to Lauzon at some point in the future to check out the company and the company sends pro - has approximately 90 Employees at this very moment, and one of the most interesting things from this piece of news is that they have annual revenue of 12.5 million dollars in 2020. 

So that is actually very important to know because that is going to mean that AgEagle is going to get a large portion of that revenue. I'm not entirely sure if the amount of revenue is going to stay the same. If senseFly is going to well start working a little bit more for AgEagle instead of for other companies out there in the world, but if the amount of revenue for AgEagle would increase by 12 million dollars. That would be very important for AgEagle because the evaluation of AgEagle would be drastically better as than it is right now. I believe right now we can actually pull up the sheet for a second. If you give me a few seconds, then I'll pull up my sheet. My portfolio analysis sheet, in which I track all the evaluations for the different companies out there and as we're going to see Iggle currently based on the current prices and the market cap, is about 190 million dollars the annual revenue.

I estimate it to be about nine million dollars, so, let's zoom in a little bit more, so you can hopefully see a little better, and let's also give it a beautiful color so that it stands up. That'S not what I want I'll make it like this cool. So if the market cap is 190 million, if the annual revenue is 9 million, then the prices sales ratio becomes 21, which is well, it's not cheap, but it's definitely not. Super duper expensive for a stock that is going to grow a lot like this one, but keep in mind if we're going to see the revenue increase by 12.5 million dollars, so that is going to be in total, more than 20 million dollars.

Let'S actually see what's what that is going to do so the total amount would be 21.5 million dollars, then the price to sales ratio becomes only 8.8, which definitely is way more interesting than the current price to sales ratio of 21 

So that is one of the most important things from my perspective, and we can also see that AgEagle says well. These drones are going to be very important for our sector, so global agriculture, construction, energy government sectors, but in the future also package delivery. Of course, as you might know, package delivery is one of the things I am most bullish about for the future. Keep in mind.

This is definitely a long-term, a long-term future play this is not going to be happening within a few months or something like that. But expect this to happen. Multiple years before, before we're going to see package delivery done by AgEagle and apparently senseFly also has a strong portfolio of intellectual property. We can also see that the current CEO, lava sierra, is going to resign as the chief executive officer and he's going to be well kind of replaced by Michael O'Sullivan. He is going to be the managing director of the new AgEagle subsidiary, which is sense fly, so I thought this news would be very interesting to you.

I believe the current stock is already up a little bit before the market. Let'S actually go to stock tweets for a second to see what AgEagle is doing at this very moment in time. I believe AgEagle was trending for a while on stock tweets as well, but let's check it out. Currently, the stock is already up. 11 percent pre-market - I might add, a little bit to my position today, because I believe honestly, it's good news. What I didn't even mention is something very important because they acquired a company for 23 million dollars, and that is actually not too bad. If you take into account that the annual revenue was 12.5 million dollars, so basically the price to sales ratio, agile paid for since fly is two and two is definitely not too bad at all. So honestly, I personally like the deal right here.

I haven't really looked into it very deeply yet, but I do believe it's good news for AgEagle in the future, so do with that, whatever you will it's, not financial advice or anything, but I did think it was a very important piece of news for you To get it ahead or get it to you as fast as possible.

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