iPhone 13 mini Vs iPhone 12 mini: Battery Test

iPhone 13 mini Vs iPhone 12 mini Battery Comparison

Hello everyone, the upgrade experience of the iPhone 13 mini compared to the previous generation 12 mini is not obvious For small mobile phones, the battery life difference has always been the same fate, but looking at the amazing battery life of the Pro series, can the battery life of iPhone  13 mini also make a big leap? Today’s video will bring a comparative test of battery life. Take a look at the battery specifications.

iPhone 13 mini Vs iPhone 12 mini Battery Comparison

The iPhone 13 mini has almost the same body size as the previous generation 12mini, but the battery capacity has been increased by about 10% from 2227mAh to 2438mAh. The standard test process for this time is 1 hour of gaming, 1 hour of video recording, and 1-hour webpage, and the final 8-hour standby test rule.


Both phones are put into the 4G SIM card of FarEasy Telecom. Since I don’t have 2 5G cards of the same Telecom, I use the 4G test. The location service is turned on and the screen is automatically turned off. Use this one. The light sensor of Samsung Note10 measures the illuminance of the two iPhone screens at about 200lux.


Because the 12 mini has a protective sticker, it will look darker on the video screen, but if you manually adjust the screen brightness of the two iPhones to the brightest, it will It is strange to find that the illuminance measured by the iPhone  12 mini is brighter than that of the 13 mini. Although the light perception of the mobile phone is not so accurate, the relative value can be referred to. Please help me to clarify the confusion. 

Game Test

The test has officially started. The initial power of both mobile phones is 100%. The first part is the game test or the speed field that has not changed for ten thousand years. The test is performed by continuous play in the qualifying game. Because they all have the same field of view, the energy consumption is about the same for playing or watching the game, so this time I will no longer switch to playing with the iPhone 13 mini. The final test result of the 12 mini watching the game shows that the remaining power of the iPhone 12 mini is 67%. The remaining power of the iPhone 13 mini is 84%. Before switching to power consumption, we must first perform a "calibration regression". After all, this iPhone 12 mini has been used for a year. The battery life will inevitably decline. From the battery health level given by the system, we can see the current battery health of this 12 mini. After the correction and regression, the iPhone 12 mini consumes about 676mAh and the iPhone 13 mini consumes about 390mAh.

It can be seen that the A15 has improved a lot in power consumption control. The second part is the 1-hour video quality setting at 1080p@60fps. Involving the work of the lens and the image processing unit and the hard disk data writing, the power consumption difference between the two is small. iPhone 12 mini loses 41% iPhone 13 mini loses 31% power consumption is converted to 840mAh and 756mAh. After testing, the iPhone 12 mini only has 26% left and the 13 mini has half of the battery.

Web Browsing Test

Next is the third part of the one-hour web page. Browsing Just during the test, a compass typhoon made the sound of a violent wind blowing in the entire studio, so I used this animation of the wind field to replace the iPhone 12 mini with only 7% of the battery after one hour. iPhone 13 Mini still has 37%. The power consumption of these two parts is also similar, but in fact, if the general web browsing will not consume so much power, it just happened that there was something that happened that day, so I could not keep sliding, so I replaced it with a moving web page.

Supplementary test

Part of the time I have to make a supplementary test is to browse the shop for half an hour. The initial power of the shop is 98%. The test results in 12mini and 13mini lose 5% and 4% respectively. When converted into power, the two are very close to normal web browsing. It probably consumes 10% of electricity in one hour. Now we enter the last level of the 8-hour standby test. Only 7% of the 12 mini is left.

Can it pass the level smoothly? The answer is revealed~ After one night, the 12 mini still has 3%. Congratulations on the successful completion of this test and the final remaining power of the 13 mini are 30%. Converted to power consumption, I found that the 13 mini seems to consume more power when it is on standby. However, after repeated testing several times, sometimes it is obviously more Sometimes the power consumption is exactly the same as the 12 mini. I don’t know what the problem is. 

Well, in addition to the standard test process, there are actually some parts that have not been tested. So we use a single test for your reference. Was it a YouTube video playback test or due to time constraints, so I went directly to an endurance race this time?

Before going to work in the morning, the press plays to see if they are still alive after 11 hours. Wi-Fi is used for playback. The content of the connection is the first test of the previous Apple conferences. After returning from work, the iPhone12 mini has been killed and the 13 mini has 7% of the battery. However, an earthquake warning came that afternoon and the recording mobile phone was interrupted and the 12 mini was not recorded.

At the moment of death, I decided to test the second round. This time the initial battery is full and starts playing, and then goes to work. This time I come back. The 12 mini is still dead. The 13 mini is still playing. There is still 8% of the battery is really amazing. Of course. This should consider that the battery of the 12 mini is 92% remaining healthy, otherwise, it should be able to persist until the 12 mini is just coming home from work and pick up the 12 mini that is still playing, and then just turn off (the battery is exhausted). 

In addition to video playback, it also tested the placement After all, this kind of small-screen phone is actually not suitable for a long time to play that kind of complicated game, so here is also the recently launched idle mobile game <Maple Valley R> for testing. The screen brightness is not important here because it will automatically kill monsters.

After the minimum brightness is reduced to 1 hour, the remaining power of the iPhone 12 mini is 77%. The remaining power of the iPhone 13 mini is 88%, which is converted into a power consumption of 471 and 293mAh.

There is a 40-minute navigation test using the 5G network, but the test results of different telecoms from Yuanlin to Lihpao Land in Houli are similar. The power consumption of the two mobile phones is also the same. Finally, the power consumption test of various video quality is just before the standard test.

Video Recorder

I used 1080p@60fps and changed it to 4K@30fps this time. You can guess which image quality will consume more power? The answer is that 1080p@60fps will consume a little more power than 4K@30fps, then cut to the highest 4K@ This time I accidentally recorded at 60fps for more than an hour, but I can see that the power consumption is over 1,000 mAh, but it can be said that no matter what image quality setting is used, the power consumption of 12 mini and 13mini in a recording is equivalent. As for the 13 series, it is only available. Movie-level mode recording this time we also conducted a test.

Because the depth of field data of the screen must be calculated every second during the shooting process, the power consumption is really amazing, and it consumes more power than the just highest 4K@60fps.

What is surprising is that the size of the recorded video is still smaller than that of ordinary 1080p30fps recording. Although it is certain that the picture is still shooting from beginning to end, there is no depth of field information to record in front, but the capacity should be the same. The normal mode is almost as small as it is. Maybe it is because of the huge amount of real-time calculation required by the movie-level mode, so use a relatively low bit rate.

Please also ask the experts to clarify the confusion for everyone. The above is the book. The battery life evaluation of the iPhone 13 mini for the second time. From the data of the test results, it can be found that in addition to the 10% increase in battery life, this time it is mainly in the game aspect. The 13 mini can save more than 50% of the power compared to the 12 mini.

This gap can be It’s pretty amazing. If you want to have a small phone but want to play a mobile game, the iPhone 13 mini should be able to meet your needs. As for other aspects, such as Internet access, video recording, navigation, etc., the power consumption of both after multiple rounds of tests. The difference is almost the same, but only with the extra 10% power can still get you an extra hour of light use.

Without sacrificing the feel at all, the endurance of this generation of mini personally thinks that it is already very good.

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