Apple's September Event 2021 - Things to Expec

Apple Event iPhone 13 In September 2021
Hello, everyone welcome back to my article today we're going to be talking about some of the things that we can expect after the fall Apple event later on this month in September 2021.

Apple Event iPhone 13 In September 2021

Let's carry on okay, so one of the things that we also know that is coming out this month is ios 15, which is a big deal for most developers and for most consumers that Want to use the new features that are coming out for the new update. Now there was one thing that is being delayed with the ios 15, which will probably come up in the next update with ios 15., which is where you can basically share a movie or article that you're watching through facetime. So that is being delayed. 

But I think it would be coming up in fifth, I was 15., probably, but now, let's get to some of the products that we could expect. One of the products which a lot of people are talking about is there could be a new iPhone 12as as a pro and s max. That'S either that or the iPhone 13 but we'll have to see because I'm pretty sure it might be a 13 or if they are just going to make an ace version, then obviously iPhone 12s. Another pro that we should expect or could expect, is the apple watch series 7, which I'm highly doubting. That could happen because, obviously, last year they announced the series 6 and these, which are both amazing products.

They do good work for the prices of them, especially the sc, because it is an interesting watch that is cheaper and works perfectly unless they are going to se2. We'Ll have to see another thing that is a lot of people are talking about. Is there being a possibility of AirPods three, which obviously I'm not really sure everyone really loves the AirPods, because honestly, most people don't like it when it's in your ear, I'm ever getting the AirPods max because those are probably better to use and that's my opinion? Another thing that we could expect is the iPad mini 6, which I think is time for a new update for the iPad mini. I mean I have the iPad mini or four, I believe, which is the latest one that worked perfectly, and I definitely think they should update it soon.

So that could be one thing. We could really expect now things that I'm hoping can happen. Well, I know what might actually happen is that they will probably be bringing the m1 chip to the iPhone iPad. The MacBook pro 16 inches now honestly for most of you that watched last year's event. You know that they said they are going to slowly bring the m1 chip across all products or macs, so that could be one of the things that might be announced or for this upcoming event, so stay out for that.

We'Ll stay tuned for that because if it does happen, then it's going to be quite interesting to see out there. There are a few speculations saying that there could be even an m1 chip in a phone with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, which I would think is very insane. I mean that's basically turning your phone into a very highly powerful mac or highly powerful computer and such a small product. But if that does happen, then that's going to be very interesting and now I'm going to obviously just give some products that will probably not never really happened, but you never know so, I'm going to say an apple tv actual tv like I have him back another Product that could be announced was maybe the apple car. That could be something that we could see.

Who knows? Because there has been a lot of conversations about who they're going to work with to make the apple car possible? Because obviously apple is more of a tech company. Not a car company but we'll see.

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