How To Use Moomoo Mobile App?

How To Use Moomoo Mobile App

Were using the Moomoo app on their phones to buy stocks. That'S when I realized I haven't made a tutorial to teach you guys how to use the Moomoo mobile app?

Tutorial Moomoo Merchandise Giveaways

In this article I will show you how to use the Moomoo mobile app, so you can buy your favorite stocks like mc and GameStop or whichever Stocks, you think, can make you a millionaire, definitely not financial advice.

I will do a step-by-step guide on how to sign up, find your account buy stocks, and if you have paper hands, I will show you how to sell the stocks, then withdraw your money. Finally, I'll give you some tips and tricks on using Moomoo, also as a huge thank you to you guys for the support I'll be giving away five super cute pieces of merchandise to you guys, if you guys, aren't using my link and completed the 2700 diversity during the current Promotion period till 31st august people sign up using malik in the past will also be eligible for the giveaway check out the details in the description. If you are interested to join all right, let's not waste any time, and let's start right now, signing out to Moomoo is super easy.

Barely an inconvenience all you've got to do is scroll down. Then click on the morning to sign up. Then, if you devote 2 700 you'll receive one free Pfizer share, complete three trades on the u.s market receive another free visor share, then complete three more trades on the hong kong market to receive five free high delay shares the total free checks are worth around $115 as of making this video, which is a pretty good haul from my experience, Moomoosa time is super fast, and if you have seen past it's even easier.

If you are eligible, you should be approved within a few minutes to around one hour. So, let's password by one hour, one hour later, all right now that your account is open. The next step is to quote big pay, but wait you need money to do that. So, let's find your account first in the app go to my tap on all tap deposit here. You have two options.


First is instant deposit while direct debit authorization, but it's only for DBS or POSP, and the transfer will complete within 50 minutes. Otherwise, you can use a normal bank transfer if you have a DVS account just find your account through DDA because it's much faster and easier, but I will show you how to do it, while bank transfer, just in case you don't have a DBS account. So, let's tap on bank transfer choose the currency. You want to leverage it in mine is in SGD, so I'll leave it. As that then choose.

Where is the bank from my bank is in Singapore? So I'll just leave it like that? Okay, let's head over to your bank, the app I'm using DBS! So I'll just show you how to do it in the DBS app tap on transfer money, add a local recipient bank account for the recipient's name. You can copy the name from Moomoo hits back to base it in for bang head back to Moomoo.

It says DBS bank, so we will choose DBS, as for the account number go to Moomoo copy. The beneficiary account head back place it in then tap next tap. Add recipient! Now, alright, you have added a recipient. The next step is to transfer money to your account so tap on, transfer money produce Singapore PL choose your account, then how much you want to transfer?

Let'S try one million dollars just kidding. I sell house sell kidney also not that much money. So let's try two thousand seven hundred dollars because you want to get those free shares right then tap next tap transfer now head back to Moomoo app tap on inform foot. Two then enter how much you are transferred since I've transferred 2 700. I will enter 2 700.

Then the message is optional. You don't have to type in anything, but I will just type hot big tap submit all right. If you are using a bank transfer, the fund is estimated to arrive within one to three business days and for DDA you will arrive within 15 minutes, so you just have to wait. Here'S a tip! You don't have to keep checking your account because once the money has arrived, you receive an email from future Singapore.

That looks something like this. So let's head over to Moomoo app tap on me, tap brokerage account you'll see money here right now. It'S in SGD, I'm sure we are ready to buy stocks and get rich now, but hold up before you do that. If you are buying stocks from a different currency, you will need to comment your HDD into that currency. Otherwise, you can just give this step.

For example, I want to buy valentia, which is US stock, so I first need to convert my SGD into USD fun fact. Photo. Singapore has very competitive pricing and has a better exchange rate than most banks. Okay, to exchange your currency, tap on currency exchange, then change from SGD to USD type in how much you want to exchange then submit. Finally, you are ready to buy your stock, make sure you are at the quotes.

Tab tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right search for the stock that you want to buy, for example, volunteer, then tap on the hot icon to bookmark it bookmarking is super useful, even if you are not buying a stock, for example, you can just Boom on the stock to monitor it, alright tap the stop to buy the stock tap on trade right at the top. You can choose the type of orders. There are a lot of order types, but I will explain the two main ones to you: limit order and market order for the limit order. You can choose what price you want to buy the stock at. So let's say: if plunder is around 24 50 us dollars. Now you can do what you always do in the carousel and lowball them. 10. 10. No problem! You can set your buying price to 10 us dollars, but the risk is.

Nobody wants to sell plunder to you at 10 us dollars and you might never be able to buy the stock, so you should set a more reasonable price like 24 us dollars instead, okay, so that was a limit order. As for the market order, you'll be able to choose the price instead, you'll get the current best possible price like if the best price now is 25, then you get 25. If the best price is 26, then you'll get 26 dollars. As for quantity, let's enter how many stocks you want to buy.

The minimum amount is different for every country, for example, in u.s you can buy a minimum of one stock, but in Singapore, you have to buy a minimum of 100 stocks and for Hongkong, the minimum depends on the stock price. As for time imports you can choose whether this buy order is only for today, which means, if the order never gets matched today, you will get canceled today or you can choose well to cancel, which means the order will be around unless you get matched or you Go and manually cancel it next. Few outside regular trading hours means whether you want to buy the stocks even when the market is closed during pre-market and post-market. That means you can still trade in Singapore's time zone and don't have to be awake to trade.

The u.s market - okay for another type - I prefer market orders so I'll change it to market. As for quantity, let's try five volunteer times enforce our leave estate tap on unlock trade to unlock then tap buy check. Everything is alright, then confirm. If you are successful in buying a stock.

Go to me, tech brokerage account then tata, i5 Palantir. Now all right. The next step is to sell the stock. Hopefully, the stock has gone to the moon, so tap on the stock that you have just bought in Taiwan, trade. Everything is exactly the same as previous, but now you must click sell.

Remember if you want to sell the stock, so you click, sell, don't go and click buyer. Okay, once you are sold, you will see the money in your account, but you won't be able to withdraw it immediately because Moomoo has a plus 2 settlement time, which means it will take two business days for the money to arrive in your account. Okay, let's assume the money has arrived in your account, let's withdraw it, but first, if you want to withdraw SGD, you will need to convert your currency back to SGD. So, let's quickly do it at the bottom. Choose me: tab tap currency exchange.

You want to comment. Your USD into SGD choose the amount, then submit then tap on all tap, withdraw choose where you want to transfer from I'll, be redrawing hud, so I'll choose my HD margin account to choose where you want to transfer to then enter the amount, then tap next tap submit And the money should arrive within one business day, alright, so that was a quick tutorial on how to use Moomoo to buy and sell stocks. But now let me share some tips and tricks on using Moomoo first, the community. One thing I like about Moomoo is the community feature where you can discuss your favorite stocks among one another and be like apes together, strong to see it, you can tap on your stock, then tap on comments to see people talking about the stock. Alternatively, you can go to the movE Tab then see. 

What'S everyone talking about by the way here are some official movement pages that you can follow. You can also find them in the description below. Second Moomoo has tasks that you can do every day to win. Some points there are growth, tasks, daily tasks and achievement, tasks that you can do which will earn you points which you can then use to exchange for some godlike merchandise, which is quite a cute haul, so that was some tips and tricks on using Moomoo.

Hopefully, this article helps you out with a good reminder. If you are interested to join the giveaway, you can sign up using my link and deposit 2700 by 31st August. People who have signed up in the past with mining can also join the giveaway once you have done that comment down below, and let me know what you like about Moomoo, if you're one of your lucky winners.

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