Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook Review

Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook

Hey everyone I'm gonna is giving you guys a full review of the Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook. This one has a 14 inch HD display. Here'S all the info right here, so this is gonna, be my third Chromebook, but the ones that I've had in the past we're like the smaller ones. I think14 inch display they had so this one is gonna be more like a full-size computer.

Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook

So if you guys have never had a Lenovo Chromebook before and you're kind of unsure my opinion is there's nothing. You can do in Windows that you can't do in a Chromebook. It'S just a different operating system that you have to get used to. You know navigating around and finding out where things are, but I'm going to show you guys everything from the time that I get it unbox it how to set it up, how I like it two weeks later so in the meantime, let's take a look at some Of these reviews that actually helped me decide to get this computer, you can see it has mostly positive reviews. So we're gonna take a look at some of the positive reviews and also take a look at some of the negative reviews and see what they have to say, and this review was actually one of the first ones that I read when I was considering this Computer, so if you guys have never had a Chromebook just go ahead and pause it if you want to read this is a very long review and actually, I didn't see this review when I was looking at the reviews, not sure why but go ahead and pause.

If you want to take a look at this one and here are two more really good reviews. So now, let's take a look at some of the bad reviews and see what the problem was: okay and here's the negative review, they're saying that the charger doesn't stay plugged in and if you look at all the negative reviews on this site and the Walmart site, They always reply, so they always reply with some kind of suggestion or some kind of help and basically, like I said the last two Chromebooks that I've had. I never had any issue with them whatsoever. So hopefully, when I get it, I really like it we'll see. I found this computer on Walmart calm.

Lenovo s330 Chromebook Price

Lenovo s330 Chromebook Price
I decided to look at Amazon to see if I can get it cheaper, but an Amazon. It was $195 for the exact same computer on so I'm gonna be reviewing this laptop. I just got from Walmart calm. This one was at $159, it was the one I showed you at the beginning of the video, so I just got it today have not even opened the box yet so I'm gonna get this open and check it out, and I'm gonna give you my Full review.

I believe this one is the 15-inch screen and I really like that size, not too big, and it's not too small, like you know, like the 11 inch Chromebooks, and here's the charger and everything. So, let's get this open, not sure if you guys can tell if it's gonna focus, but I like the pattern on it. It'S really nice I guess you guys can see. It'S kind of like textured looks like that. I'm gonna show you guys the keyboard before I get this plugged in and see how it works.

So it looks really really nice, and this isn't the first Chromebook I've had a couple before, but this one is like I said, a 15-inch screen in the last two Lenovo s330 Chromebooks that I've had in the past. They were like the small ones, like the 11-inch screen. So I wanted more of a full-sized computer, so this is like my first full size: Chromebook, let's see how it works, turned it on and plugged it in, and I'm gonna get this all set up, and then I will be right back is so even Though it's two exciters, I'm gonna pick up where I left off the last clip so to log in and set up your Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook for the first time all you're gonna do is you're just gonna log into your Gmail account and that's all there is To it, it took me about 60 seconds, probably less so, here are all the apps that it comes with and sorry about the lighting, but you can add whatever apps that you like. Like I added my screen recorder, I was gonna. Do this video on screen recording, but I decided to do it this way and you can add whatever apps you want to.

Lenovo s330 14 Chromebook

If you want to go to your settings and you want to customize anything you're just going to go to settings. Here'S all your info right here. Sorry, if it's not focusing, and also here's another way to go to your settings and get things all customized, so you're gonna go right here and, as you see I have everything set up. I have some of my favorites you're gonna go right here to the upper right hand. Corner - and here is your history.

Here'S your save your settings and if you want to see your extensions and your apps you're gonna go right here and you can always add more. I already have my AdBlock so to get things started in the left-hand corner there's the little circle. There'S the little arrow there are your apps, you can add apps. Basically, I want to show you guys around, but it's so simple and it's so user-friendly. There are just minor things to get used to actually but other than that.

Like little things like copying and pasting and just finding out where things are, but two weeks later, I would highly recommend this computer. Basically, what I'm saying is that there's really nothing you can do on Windows that you can't do it Chromebook. I found that to be true so far anyway, so it really depends on what operating system you like. If you can get comfortable with Lenovo Chromebooks, I really like them so for $159. This one is like I said: the 14-inch monitor and very user-friendly nice size.

It'S relatively fast, I have no complaints with it two weeks later - and this is my third Lenovo s330 Chromebook, so I really do think I'm going to end up liking it long-term. So I have no complaints and everything is working out just great.

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