Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus | Full Phone Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

I will discuss a flagship cellphone from Samsung that I like the most and almost mandatory for me to try every series and here it is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This Samsung Note series is a smartphone that was created to meet the needs of its users who require multitasking in their work. Expand on note plus it has several features, among others, we can write directly when we pull out the s-pen while the screen is off, this makes it easier for us when we are in a hurry to write down an important note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In addition, there are several menus that can be displayed when we issue a note. -pen is when we compare it with bro, the note 20 series The tension on the S pen is indeed far behind in note 20, which is claimed by Samsung LED NC on note 20, which is about nine miles second, while on the Samsung Note 10+ it is about 42 seconds. One of the features of this SPN is for Note on this feature is the same as the feature when we pull out the s-pen when the cellphone is off when we want to delete a note we simply press the S pen button and then point to the text we want to delete. screenshot by pointing the s- pen on the screen the next feature is screenwriting Hi this feature is useful for lecturers when they want to revise a simple thesis using a cellphone because they can scribble as they please on the S pen can also be converted into digital text that can be shared or edited in Microsoft Word or emailed.

Samsung Note 10 Plus Specifications

In addition, the s-pen on the Galaxy Note this template is equipped with fit ur erection which functions as a remote control for the camera and has certain gesture recognition to operate several applications on mobile phones such as photo gallery presentations or is used to add in videos that have been made on the body and screen of this watch plus front and back is coated by Gorilla Glass 6 with a frame Even though it has been coated with Gorilla Glass 6, I still recommend using thick glass and key to protect the body and screen. This Watch plus series uses the same screen as the SMS series, namely, Dynamic AMOLED  with a screen size of 6.8 inches which of course is already There is no doubt about the quality when we use it to support all needs related to Visual resolution on the top ten screens, this post can also be changed from x + to FX gloss and let's check the table which makes this screen rich in color and sharp.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Gaming Performance

Samsung Note 10 Plus is far more than sufficient to support heavy and intensive gaming activities because in this template no the Samsung Exynos 9820 5 chipsets have been implanted, which is 7 nanometers with a speed of up to 2.7 and is supported by a large RAM capacity 12 Gigabytes, of course, the performance generated from this cellphone can be relied on for heavy games such as PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, and other things that I feel when playing this drift racing two-game, there is no like or broken symptoms Actually when playing PUBG Mobile, this Samsung Note 10 Plus can serve game performed well and the graphics obtained are a maximum of xtr with the Ultra body frame rate on the cellphone, when used to play games it still feels warm, not excessive and only feels hot when we play games. Use to play games continuously needs to be considered because there are many complaints from users of the Samsung es28 note 20 who question the hot temperature even though it is only used for light needs such as social media and others looking to talk about the battery in this flash note it is implanted by a li-ion battery of 4300mah which supports charging capacity up to 45watt. 

In addition, the notepad is equipped with a Rivers wireless charging feature of 4.5 What of that capacity when used for light needs such as telephone chats and social media, the average day can reach more battery power consumption.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus rear camera sandpaper is equipped with three cameras, the first is 12 megapixels white with an apartment that can be adjusted from 1.5 to 2.4 then the second is 12-megapixel telephoto and then the second one is 12-megapixel telephoto. The third 16-megapixel Ultra-white on the White lens has been equipped with OIS or optical image stabilization to maximize the results of video recording that can be recorded up to 4k quality. The use of an ultra-wide lens with a larger megapixel capacity affects the photo quality so that it can compensate with two lenses.

Then on the front camera, this note plus is equipped with a single camera of 10 megapixels which is capable of recording up to 4k quality. The following are photos and videos from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ camera. This Samsung Note 6 Plus is still very worthy to be considered in 2021 considering that the price offered has now been raised to 7 million and some are even below it with features that can be said to be equivalent to the quality of Samsung's flagship in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Price 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus prices August 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus prices start at $299 as of August 2021

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus now is that there is no high fresh grade for the screen but remember that this rival from Samsung also doesn't have a high refresh rate. So it's not an important problem to choose note plus except for those of you who want to get a higher quality experience then you have to develop it.

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