The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

We are continuing the spectacular spider-man. This is season one episode two.  I actually enjoyed the first episode because I was like I don't know we'll see I mean you guys were hyping it up, but you just never know I mean because we're all individuals, you just don't know so I was definitely surprised about the first episode.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions" Review

You guys saw my reaction. I was definitely surprised by it in terms of the number of characters they introduced and just how funny peter is as spider-man and getting really emotional at one point were the reasoning why he was being so protective of norman is because he was trying to protect him. So that Harry doesn't go through the same thing he did when he lost his uncle. I feel like that was very, very surprising, but then again it's like that's who Peter is you know he tries to look for the best in everyone he's trying to protect. Everybody and then the little side story, the little subplot of aunt may be having money troubles and he was hoping.

You know. Peter was hoping that this internship was going to pay money like it. It doesn't, but Peter was just he's just trying to do what he can. He then, of course, sneaks into the daily bugle and all that kind of stuff. So it's a lot of things that that first episode did and I'm now ready to get into this next episode because I was honestly I'm excited to see what they do because that first episode surprised me so much that I've been sitting here thinking.

I can't wait to see the next episode and now I'm finally, here days later, checking it out. So let's get into episode two new guys and see what it's all about. I'm excited as hell: let's go mm-hmm, they keep showing the lizard near him. Oh holy, I like this little ending here, I don't know how to explain it. That'S a cool shot!

You know just once I'd like to be early for school, careful, careful, oh insulation suit, will contain it. Couldn'T flash tutor me instead? No, he got a c minus, I'm not sure you know stand. We want your grade to go up, not down. Just maybe you could learn something. Oh my gosh can't even drink coffee. Oh no! Look! This tutorial! Wow wow, peter okay!

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

I wasn't expecting that response. Oh my gosh, okay, oh he's still learning his powers, he's still learning dang, perfect bad timing, I'm not sure if I could have helped no at least I could have tried. I don't think you could have helped in this situation. The eel's evolved to exist in aquatic environments. No, I don't think it could be fixed, I'm not sure you're ready, listen, Dylan after last night, that was a really cool shot of the cars and the walls or whatever isn't it such a good time being all secretive, you're lucky to have peter, Liz.

Guy knows his stuff, you should be lucky. I have the results of Kurt. What are you doing? Shh quiet, don't say anything. Yep wow, don't worry about it. He'S gonna go try to save the day.

I mean I just fight a supervillain. You know: oh wow, okay, okay, only one cop car for all of that destruction and only one. I hope it's her speed, Your job was to help her learn. At least she taught her.

How to fold the peer pressure, don't inject, that that got electrified and some something's gonna happen with that there you have it guys, the second episode of the spectacular spider-man and just like the first episode. This was another great episode. Now I haven't pulled up here. Just in case, I forget names, some bad names to begin with, of course, electro. But Liz is the person that Peter was trying to tutor throughout the episode and then his name was maxing Dillon, which I should have guessed.

I should have assumed that that was gonna be electro just saw it based on the fact that we had electric heels and he's working on this. You know paneling or whatever, along with the machine or whatever I'm like. Some things are heavily implying with the electricity and everything, but then, of course, it was pretty obvious as we're continuing. This is the birth, the introduction of electro, and we got a lot more involved with the course of dr Connors aka lizard. In terms of that, especially the ending there, but we'll get to that in a second.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

So let's talk about the tutoring real quick, because that was a part of the episode. So Peter did really well a plus on his test and Liz and they didn't. I don't think they revealed her grade. I think that you know flash looked over at it, but we didn't see what it was. He got a c-minus, but the teacher recommended peter to tutor her.

What I liked is that she of course they're at that, like a diner or something or some sort of restaurant they're outside and he's trying to talk to her reading through a book and she's just texting away, and then she calls flash she's like well. Okay, I'll stop texting I'll just call him, and when he sees who he presumes is just some criminal running out of the place, not realizing. It is maxing aka electro before he's electro and he's like okay. Well, it's like, if you, if you actually want to learn to talk to Liz. If you want to learn, then let me know like he's like this is for you.

This is not for me. Like you know, this is for you, and he just leaves - and I think that was pretty interesting on peter because it's like look, he was trying to help her and understanding that this is something that the teacher asked of him to do and peter's such a Nice Guy, of course, he's going to help she didn't want it, she could care less and so he's like I'm done wasting my time. I have to go. Stop this potential person, who is maybe a bad guy, not realizing it's maxing and not realizing. You know who he's about to face, but he's like I got I'm going.

Okay, if you want to. If you want to be a tutor, you want help. Then you reach out, if not whatever, so that was pretty interesting, so he goes and fights electro. So the opening of the episode with Connor's, showing them the electric eels and everything and then of course, more hinting at the lizard, the lizard being nearby Connors or whatever in those couple shots, in the beginning, I'm like okay, so we have max working on The machine, of course, he goes to try to grab that drill or whatever that's being that hit the panel or some sort of like console electricity going crazy and one he's in that suit. I'm like the interesting design of the suit okay, interesting mask on, and I think the mask could be wrong.

I think that mask was destroyed at one point and he somehow had it on later in the episode. I think he destroyed it earlier at some point and I'm not really sure I have to go over and re-watch those bits, but I'm pretty sure that mask that he wore for his suit was destroyed at one point and now it's back so I don't anyway, not Sure on that I kind of wish just me a little nitpick critique um that max. Maybe there was more development for his character before he became electro because once he had his abilities, he was just like on the fly just like figuring it all out and just sending lightning bolts at first. It'S shown that at times it's like he doesn't know. Like he's just angry and then everything's being destroyed and electricity or whatever and other times, it seems like he just knows how to swing around electricity, and you know to fly up towards peters like up on that tower or whatever.

I think it was like a radio tower. He just is he's like using electricity to shoot down to send him up. It just felt like at times they're playing it off as he doesn't even realize he's doing it like he just shoots. Like oh, he's an in his facial experience like oh, I didn't mean to shoot that lightning, but other times he's just doing it, and it just feels like it's just natural like he just knows how to do it and he barely has had his powers like spider-man, Has had his powers for a couple of months, so it's. It seems not too out of the ordinary that he can do all this really cool stuff and figure out how to use his abilities and be spider-man, but for max's electro it's just that's.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

My only real thing, but besides that little nitpick of my brain going, I don't know it - was really cool to see him using his abilities and really cool to see him at first, not realizing what he's doing and spider-man calling him electro. It'S like. Okay, electro! It'S like and then lightning butt or something, not that name electron explodes the mask and it's a really cool design, and I like the fact too, that he's not shooting just some electricity he's shooting a ton of it like he is a d he's.

I think the most dangerous villain so far, even though it's only been two episodes, I think he could be potentially the most dangerous villain in terms of his powers like it is crazy how strong he was and not even realizing what he was doing. Half the time he was just like electricity flying everywhere out of anger, and I think that that's really going to benefit the villain side of it moving forward in terms of because I don't believe this is not. This is not the end of electro there's no way the character is, in my opinion, too good, and the thing is too like. I understand max's motivation because he's like I have no time. I had plans, and now I'm stuck in this suit and Conor keeps saying give us time.

He doesn't know. If that's going to be true, he doesn't know if they're actually gonna find a cure, because I mean Connor's also in the back room. He didn't even tell his wife that he's injecting himself, which of course, makes sense. Why would you tell her he's injecting himself with some sort of modified? You know gene like reptile genes like.

Why would he tell his wife that so her finding him doing that and then electro accidentally hitting it like the vial? He was going to hit himself with, not well like chest in the heart, it's more in the arm. Sorry, not in the heart in the arm and um, and he picks it up and you can tell it did something to the vial, so I feel like once he injects that it's going to work and he's going to turn to the lizard. However, it's going to it's he's going to become the lizard because of it it's going to grow his arm back. I think, but it we'll see um towards the end of the episode.

I got to look at the name again Liz and see I'm bad with names. Don'T kill me, I'm good with the hero names and the villain names, but once you get me throwing other names, it takes a bit to figure those out but Liz towards the end of the episode before electro shows up at Connor's lab um. She was kind of like okay, peter you're, kind of cool and then, of course, flash shows up at the end and at school and he's like what are you doing here, she's like, hopefully leaving you to know, trying to still side with him, but then she felt she Felt bad for what she said to peter, so maybe that's gonna be a turning point for Liz. I don't think Peter and Liz are gonna start going out, but who knows - and I was kind of hoping there'd - be some sort of conclusion to that guy. Taking pictures on his phone of peter fighting electro because hey if this picture's coming out good, I want my cut like you to know he wants that's what he's trying to do he's trying to get money.

So I wonder if they're going to continue that I'm assuming they will continue that side, that that side, that's a b plot. I guess you could say, because a plot is the main story, but a b plot. As an aside, you know a side thing. I feel like they're, going to continue that storyline because that's a better way to continue that storyline because he needs to help. You know aunt may and the fact is too this whole plan in place about him being home by 10.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: "Interactions"

He never made it home by 10, he's always late, so I feel like that's gonna really hinder their relationship with him and his aunt. I wonder how long it's gonna take for aunt may Gwen harry to find out that he's spider-man. I wonder if it's ever gonna be revealed to them in the show. I would like to think that anime would know. Maybe she has a sneaking suspicion.

Maybe I don't know, I thought it was also a funny little tidbit, and towards the beginning of the episode where, where flash is reading the paper and he and peter walk in he's like spider-man and because he hit. The spider-man suit was a little bit revealing Andre's shirt. Oh, peter up here. The action was great though well. The action was really great.

Besides a little nitpick of electro. Not really shouldn't really know all those moves that he can do with his powers, but then again you know we have a certain amount of time. We can't really spend too much time, but I get it, but I wish you know I just wish the show was longer, but that's just my opinion, but overall I enjoyed the second episode of good stuff over the electro. I'm excited to see what they do next and the show. I just proved after two episodes that it is worth checking out.

I'm glad that I checked it out and I'm glad you guys recommended and said keep going, keep going, go and trust me keep going. So I'm glad that I listened to you guys because I'm now really enjoying the show. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Whatever thoughts you have about this episode of the spectacular spider-man.

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